Road International Co., Ltd

is an innovative and leading edge recruiting agency in Japan.

Located in the heart of Tokyo’s ever-growing and attractive Omori Bellport business district.  Within 2 minutes from JR Omori station, Road International targets and works diligently together with its clients in placing and supporting talented individuals in the right work environments.

Road International’s main focus is to help assemble “Outstanding” Executive and Technology Teams within the IT/Software, Analog and Mixed Signal IC Semiconductor Development worlds. We stand apart from other recruiting firms by offering a specialized service to a exclusive group of growing companies. In today’s business world, employers must depend on the abilities of a recruiter, the quality of their judgment, depth of their resources, ingenuity and integrity. We offer our clients the opportunity to work with the industries’ very best, low volume, high quality service organization.

If your unique requirements involve a high degree of urgency, confidentiality, and position market analysis, we offer Retained Search. Our professional approach is one of being very proactive, versus reactionary in finding and helping our clients recruit the industries best talent.

Road International Co., Ltd. was established in January 2005. The company’s success is headed by its Company Founder and President, Tomonori Kataoka. Mr. Kataoka has over 18+ years of recruiting experience and has been very influential in helping our clients recruit the best talent within their respective businesses.

Road International’s commitment, drive, and integrity are second to none in a field where there is a tremendous cross section between people. Their leadership and recruiting skills have inspired many recruiters covering a variety of disciplines.

At Road International, we are convinced that our detailed knowledge of the technology community provides our clients with an advantage on their competitions. We view our client/recruiter relationship to be a partnership. We take pride in helping our clients to become a stronger organization from top to bottom. We are continually striving to maintain our competitive advantage by ensuring that we continue to improve and become a better organization.

Road International specializes in discovering the industries “Best Talent.” Identification of this talent is only the first step into our success. We begin establishing a long term relationship with these individuals. This relationship allows us to counsel individuals in their career planning. We are then in a better position to determine what types of opportunities will entice them. Our contacts are our “Life Blood.” We maintain an extraordinary deep and thorough database which is continually updated.

Due to our long standing industry experience we have the luxury of working on the highest quality opportunities. We maintain the confidentiality of all our candidates and would never submit a resume to a client company without first discussing the opportunity and determining their interest. We maintain solid relationships with the hiring officials which facilitates quicker response times, accurate feedback, and a smoother process overall.  We also help prepare our candidates for the interviewing process.

The job areas that we specialize in are in the following areas:

  • Executive Search
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Analog IC Design
  • Digital IC Design
  • Mixed Signal IC Design
  • RF IC Design
  • Systems Engineering
  • Network Engineering
  • Product and Test Engineering
  • CAD/Layout Design Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Software Development
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
  • Production and Manufacturing
  • and other emerging technical and financial fields

Corporate Milestones:

  • Road International Co., Ltd. was founded in January 2005. In the job hunting industry in Japan, our team has over 30+ years of combined experience.
  • Had established its presence in the U.S. with its operations in San Francisico, CA in July 2005.
  • Officially opened its first Tokyo office in Yebisu Garden Place in August 2006.
  • Recently, moved its office from Yebisu Garden Place to its new location in Omori district in Tokyo.
  • Now, located at Daini Shimokawa Bldg. 8F 6-16-10 Minamioi,
    Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0013 Japan.
  • Has its business affiliates in San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA; and New York, NY, USA; and in Dubai, UAE. Continually expanding its executive search network overseas. Built its reputation infinding ideal job candidates for its clients and progressively growing its base of satisfied cilents.Proudly claming to have a 100% retention rate because of its quality hires. Within two years of
    its operation, we have been able to help hire over 60+ new hires in various job fields.

Road International Co., Ltd. has two offices in Tokyo, Japan, located at

  • Omori Office- Tokyo, Japan

Daini Shimokawa Bldg., 8th Floor
6-16-10, Minamioi, Sinagawa-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 140-0013 [MAP]Tel: +81-3-6404-6101
Fax: +81-3-3764-0315

  • Head Office-Tokyo, Japan

Crescent Building, 1st Floor
3-8-13, Ota-ku Chuo,
Tokyo, Japan 143-0024

  • U.S. Office

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